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pbognar wrote:

Thu Nov 18, 2021 9:42 pm

I was merely pointing out a popular feature which exists in Cubase and Studio One, the benefit of which is being able to prototype tunes with chords you come up with however you want. Having MIDI and audio snap to a chord track is a powerful compositional tool.

Funny – “purists” don’t seem to have any issue with the Drummer, Flextime, Live Loops or quantization for that matter. Perhaps the answer is to go back to using reel to reel tape machines and ignore all the advances which have been made.

I hear you, I don’t have any of those DAWs, and personally I don’t compose like that, but maybe if I used Cubase and Studio One I might get a kick out of it.

Like arpeggiators I don’t use them often, but I appreciate having them around when I do.

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