Install Manjaro into eMMC – Radxa Zero

Hi, I am trying to installation of Manjaro ARM to eMMC storage. To achive this I created Ubuntu uSD card and booted with this. I downloaded manjaro image from Github and extracted *.img file on Ubuntu uSD. Flashed internal eMMC with “sudo dd if=./Manjaro-ARM.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=1M” and powered off (systemctl poweroff) Radxa Zero. Then unpluged radxa and removed uSD. After that I supplied power and RZ not booted. I checked partitions with “sudo fdisk -l” command and eMMC has two partition but none of them flaged as bootable. I flaged manually and there is no change. With same method I succesfully make bootable Ubuntu on eMMC. I am insisting on Manjaro because its more recent and better GUI than Debian (Ubuntu do not have desktop environment).
Anyone can help me? Thanks.

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