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Echoes in the Attic wrote:

Tue Dec 07, 2021 9:13 pm

dmbaer wrote:

Tue Dec 07, 2021 8:57 pm

Echoes in the Attic wrote:

Mon Dec 06, 2021 9:53 pm

-I don’t see any way to change the oscillator source in Syntronik or Sample Tank. There is only one sound source there in the osc list. I thought you could load two sound sources as “oscillators” within a given patch. In Sample Tank it doesn’t seem that Osc 2 does anything at all. Can it not load anything?

If I recall correctly, to customize a preset in S1, you had to find a preset that used the sample you wanted and modify that. There was no way to start from scratch and load the sample you wanted. It’s been a while since I wrestled with that, however, so the details are a little hazy.

Thanks. But when you select a preset, it seems there is only the one sample set, so the second “oscillator” is useless in Sample Tank and can’t load anything?

You need to find a Syn2 preset that uses more than one Oscillator, e.g. the GS-V “Stereo Time Traveler”. It uses Osc1 and Osc2. Loading that preset in ST4 and, in the Edit panel / Oscillators you will see {1] and {2] “highlighted” (mind you the buttons are difficult to see here). Select either one for that Oscillator.

ANd you can change the Oscillators used in Syn2 – see my post on page 14.

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