linux – Disable ALSA resampling from kernel space

ALSA doesn’t resample by default, in particular the kernel drivers don’t resample.

So, there is no way to disable resampling in kernel space.

ALSA does resampling by plugins (in user space, rate or plug). ALSA by default offers plug over the non-resampling hw, and I guess there is probably a way to configure ALSA to don’t do this by default, but it would probably affect all sound cards.

but I would prefer to do it from kernel space since I do not want any user to ever be able to change this config file and thus enable/disable resampling, not even root.

They just have to use the correct device to avoid resampling, no need to change their configuration. Also, it’s a user’s decision, and not your decision.

Finally, Pulseaudio does resampling all over the place, and quite a few users will run Pulseaudio on top of ALSA.

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