Autodesk Forge – Absolute coordinates

from the Forge viewer is it possible to retrieve the absolute coordinates of the objects?

With the following code I was able to obtain the relative coordinates of the selected object:

const viewer = NOP_VIEWER;
const dbId = NOP_VIEWER.getSelection()[0];
const selSet = viewer.getSelection();
const targetElem = selSet[0];
const model = viewer.model;
const instanceTree = model.getData().instanceTree;
const fragList = model.getFragmentList();

let bounds = new THREE.Box3();

instanceTree.enumNodeFragments( dbId, ( fragId ) => {
    let box = new THREE.Box3();
    fragList.getWorldBounds( fragId, box );
    bounds.union( box );
}, true );

const position =;

With the getAecModelData method I was able to retrieve the refPointTransformation:

enter image description here

What do the values ​​in this array refer to?


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