yum – Installing Openshift CodeReady Containers on Manjaro

I want to install Openshift CodeReady Containers (local dev version) on Manjaro. It is not officially supported, but I’ve found a few sources saying there are no major issues so I wanted to try it out.

I downloaded the tool from redhat website: console.redhat.com/openshift/downloads#tool-crc

After running cdc setup, and installing a few dependencies, I’m stuck on the following problem:

WARN unsupported distribution &{32;1;24;144;200 Manjaro Linux
manjaro arch Manjaro Linux manjaro.org/ manjaro.org/
bugs.manjaro.org/}, trying to install libvirt with yum

Could not install required packages: exit status 127: /bin/sh: line
1: yum: command not found

I installed libvirt with yay, but it had no effect. So I wanted to install yum:
yay yum
But got the following issue:

-> Could not find all required packages:
urlgrabber (Wanted by: yum)

I managed to install urlgrabber with pip, but it didn’t change anything.

Any ideas for where do I go from here? Am I misunderstanding something?

Thanks in advance

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