Does everyone aspire to be a TV/film composer? – Page 3 – Instruments Forum

As a kid of the 1980’s and with all the cool shows that were on like Airwolf, The Equalizer, and movies like The Terminator, inspiration was there. I could connect my Casio Sk1 Sampling keyboard to my brother’s amplifier and perhaps record to tape, but that’s as far as it went until I got more into the computer side of creating music. But even then, learning ways in which create music than any particular style was more important. For the past two decades, my approach was to make up films in my head and create scores around them… I’ve scored music for film that was shown at the local cinema for people to watch some years back, and that was a bit of a buzz to see how people reacted.

At this time, I find doing anything music related to be void of emotion, but if the opportunity arose where anything like my music was to be used on tv/film, it’s not something I’d turn down.

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