(u)efi boot issues – Installation & Boot

So, after several days of investigating, from my point of view, I can only draw the conclusion that something doesn’t seem to be adding up with the manjaro isos. No matter what I try, either build my own using grub configured in the profile, systemd-boot doesn’t make an iso for some reason, or using an official iso, the result remains unchanged. If I restart my system holding down the shift key, to get to the windows troubleshooting screen, activate “use a device” and select my thumbdrive, the system boots, but not in (u)efi mode… I can easaly verify this by running efibootmgr -v and it always returns that the system does not support efi variables. This goes for both my asrock b450 steel legend system, as well as my macbook air 2011. This in particular is an issue since this means I can not install using cli, since it won’t accept going u(efi) nor will I be able to use a manjaro iso to rescue a modern system. Are we really holding on to mbr booting in the year 2021 allmost 2022?

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