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Trancit wrote:

Tue Dec 14, 2021 10:57 am

Is it possible that you come to the conclusion because you don´t know what you are talking about??

I know FL studio pretty well. Also, I know Cubase pretty well (And S1, and Live, and Bitwig, and Reaper).

So, I have a very good basis in my comparison.
This conversation has no value without any context, so let’s bring some.

1) To manipulate velocities in FL p.roll you should open a specific tool (+1 window open) and blindly compress or expand velocities.
Same things in Cubase, select all notes, drag the corresponding zone in the velocity lane. And see changes in real-time, while you are compressing or expanding or else.

2) Sustain pedal editing, is a pain in FL.

3) Unusual, not universal mouse behavior in FL studio p.roll. Select with a right button? Not very convenient, when all other DAWs select with a left click and drag.

There is more stuff like selecting every other note, or every third note, or all 16 lengths, etc.

Yes, you do not have a chord drawing tool in Cubase or S1, but you have a chord track.

So now, tell me, what do you think makes FL piano roll the best for you?

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