[ROM] CyanogenMod – No, you can’t have a pony (STABLE) [UPDATED 03/04 – v4.2.15.1] | Page 66

Got a strange issue with this rom. Updating from, I followed all the instructions to the letter, upon booting up and getting back to the initial setup screen (since the instructions do say to wipe), I went through as normal, signing in, setting date / time, etc – but the whole thing was unbearably slow. Pressing the next button would register around a minute after i’d initially pressed the screen, any attempt to prod again would trigger repeated force closes which never actually force closed the setup app.

Even after pressing through the setup, the phone is horrendously laggy swapping screens, apps are running at normal speed, but the home screen is force closing repeatedly. Locking / unlocking the screen can take up to 2 minutes, overall it’s just not right.

I’m aware others have posted about this before but all the posts regarding it i’ve seen have been brushed off as “you messed something up”. I know for certain i’ve not messed the install up, I have also repeated it twice more, both times with the same result.

Could it be a localisation issue? I’m in the UK, all those reporting perfect success with the rom SEEM to be in the US.

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