Manjaro on Nvidia laptop. No external monitor, performance issues – Linux

Recently I decide to try out Manjaro on my main machine. A Dell G7 7790 with a Nvidia 2060. When using xorg everything is slow laggy and choppy. On pop!os I enabled Force Composition Pipeline in Nvidia-settings to get ride of screen tearing. That option isn’t available for me but I’m not sure how that would help. On Wayland performance is better but I only have my laptop screen and one external monitor. Using mhwd to switch to the Nvidia drivers from the prime ones disables those displays and enables the other two monitors. Looking around I saw something about trying to enable some drm in an Nvidia conf file could help? That makes all displays show up in display settings in gnome and they exist (my mouse and applications can go there) but I can’t rearrange them and they still don’t have any output to the monitors. Apologize for the newby rant and if I missed anything obvious or important. I’d love to know if this is fixable. Any suggestions resources or advice would be greatly appreciated thank you

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