JSON and XML pros and cons

One 、JSON The definition of

     A lightweight data exchange format , It has good readability and easy to write quickly . Mainstream technology in the industry provides a complete solution ( It’s kind of like regular expressions  , Supported by most of today’s languages ), So that data can be exchanged between different platforms .JSON Using a highly compatible text format , At the same time, it also has the characteristics similar to C The behavior of the language system .

Two 、XML The definition of

     Extended Markup Language  (Extensible Markup Language, XML) , A markup language used to mark electronic documents to make them structured , Can be used to tag data 、 Define data types , Is a source language that allows users to define their own markup language . XML It’s a standard universal markup language  (SGML)  Subset , Very suitable  Web  transmission .XML  Provides a unified way to describe and exchange structured data independent of the application or vendor .

3、 … and 、JSON  and  XML A comparison of advantages and disadvantages

1、    In terms of readability ,JSON and XML The readability of the data is basically the same .JSON and XML Its readability is comparable , On one side is the suggested grammar , One side is the standard label form , It’s hard to tell the difference .

2、      In terms of scalability ,XML It’s naturally extensible ,JSON Of course, there are , Nothing is XML Can expand ,JSON No way .

3、      In terms of coding difficulty ,XML There are plenty of coding tools , such as Dom4j、JDom etc. ,JSON Also have json.org Tools provided , however JSON The coding of is obviously better than XML It’s a lot easier , You can write… Even without tools JSON Code for , But write well XML It’s not so easy .

4、      In terms of decoding difficulty ,XML The resolution of the child node must consider the parent node , It’s dizzy , and JSON The difficulty of analysis is almost 0. This point XML What a loser .

5、      In terms of popularity ,XML It has been widely used in the industry , and JSON Just getting started , But in Ajax This particular field , The future development must be XML Give way to JSON. then Ajax Should become Ajaj(Asynchronous Javascript and JSON) 了 .

6、      JSON and XML It also has rich analytical means .

7、     JSON be relative to XML Speaking of , The volume of data is small .

8、     JSON And JavaScript The interaction is more convenient .

9、      JSON The descriptive ratio of data XML Poor .

10、  JSON It’s much faster than XML.

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