How do I install PHP 5.5 on a new version of CentOS or Amazon Linux or Redhat or Ubuntu?

I just joined a new company. I’ve been asked to build a CI/CD pipeline for a Laravel app. It is very fragile. It was built for PHP 5.5 and it breaks when they’ve tried to upgrade to 5.6 or 7. They don’t have the time or resources to repair the app, or modernize it any way. Therefore we must keep running PHP 5.5.

On Amazon, I”m free to spin up any kind of EC2 instance. I can run with Redhat or CentOS or Ubuntu or Amazon Linux. But once I’ve launched the instance, I need to find a way to install PHP 5.5. Does anyone know which of these different flavors of Linux is the most likely to support PHP 5.5? I think most of these run newer versions of PHP by default, so I would need to downgrade the versions. Can anyone point me to information about that?

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