javascript – How to return JSON data check match with foreach return to id

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i get data from json, i want to change to table,
I want to change the value of the table attribute, value to attribute with condition (if true=check).

var arr=[ 
{"kode_dealer_md":"07629","kategori":"H1","pinpoint":"prsp"},  {"kode_dealer_md":"07629","kategori":"H1","pinpoint":"spk"},{"kode_dealer_md":"07623","kategori":"H1","pinpoint":"uinb"},{"kode_dealer_md":"07624","kategori":"H23","pinpoint":"pinb"},{"kode_dealer_md":"07625","kategori":"H1","pinpoint":"lsng"},{"kode_dealer_md":"07625","kategori":"H23","pinpoint":"prsl"}];

    var data_json = JSON.parse(arr);
    for (var i = 0; i < data_json .length; i++) {
    var obj = data_json[i];
    for (var key in obj) {
        var value = obj[key];

        alert(obj[key][1]); // how to check match  row

       if  (obj[point]=='doch'){  // condition if json idkode_dealer_mdpoint == pinpoint return to id
        $("#idkode_dealer_mddoch07628").val(); } // another else if (obj[point]=='lsng') {}

Komds | doch | lsng | prsp | spk | uinb | lsng | prsl |
07628 | trues | true | false | false |false| false| false |
07629 | false | false| trues| trues |false| false| false |

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