F(l)atter by Sixth Sample – Distortion Plugin VST3 Audio Unit

F(l)atter is a dynamic multiband distortion plugin with 46 distortion types. Its unique dynamic modes enable distortion processing only on the attack or release of your sounds. Emphasize transients, push out small details or create transparent saturation losing no dynamic range. F(l)atter was optimized from the very beginning for efficiency and simplicity, without sacrificing flexibility and sound quality. The distortion control surface fuses the two most important controls into one. Drag on the vertical axis for mix and the horizontal axis for the drive.

Key Features:

  • 46 Distortion Types.
  • 3-Band Multiband Processing.
  • Dynamic Distortion.
  • 20 Factory Presets.
  • 10 Themes.
  • Resizable interface.

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