java – How do I limit the GRPC send queue?

When you perform onNext() on a stream response in GRPC it queues it up for transmission, this allocates on direct buffer memory rather than heap as such java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Direct buffer memory will not generate a useful heap dump. This can be simulated by creating a

message Chunk {
  bytes data = 1

And sending multiple small chunks into a stream where the receiving end may not be as quick will cause this to trigger. The proper fix would be to make sure the server does not do anything stupid like send many small chunks, but this still can be a vector of DoS attack that could shut down a service.

My question is in GRPC, is there a setting on the server side to limit the amount and block further onNext until the queue is diminished, with a timeout to cancel the operation when the transfer takes too long? That way it won’t shutdown the service but just the GRPC call.

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