Install Windows 10 in Imac 8.1 2008 no Dvd player

Hi guys, I’m trying to install windows 10 in my Imac 8.1 2008 but had not yet success.
-Leopard is inside but bootcamp only create a new partition in mbr for windows so i tried alt function but it doesn’t load penstick (freeze)
-I made a penstick with rEFIt and boot it(SIP disabled) but when i lunch windows 10 penstick or 7 (x64) from refit or it freeze on boot64.efi or no bootable file screen.
i probably have to edit windows 10 penstick to load it correctly but don’t know how ?
penstick burned with GPT and mediacreation from windows…i read that probably have to format in fat32 (tomorrow test) also if refit supports ntfs ?
Any suggestion?
-in my other imac 2011 it was more easy!

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