Dashboard- Groups placement – #3 by smanjunath211 – Dashboard

struggling for quite sometime now, unable to align the groups next to each other, enough desktop space available as shown.
first group is 61 units wide
second group is 18 units wide
third group is 30 groups wide
fourth group is 61 units wide
so logically 2nd and 3rd group should be able to align next to each other horizontally (18+30 < 61)

why is it not?

the docs say,

The layout algorithm of the dashboard always tries to place items as high and to the left as they can within their container – this applies to how groups are positioned on the page, as well as how widgets are positioned in a group.

Given a group with width 6, if you add six widgets, each with a width of 2, then they will be laid out in two rows – three widgets in each.

If you add two groups of width 6, as long as your browser window is wide enough, they will sit alongside each other. If you shrink the browser, at some point the second group will shift to be below the first, in a column.

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