How to generate chromium android build?

I have created a new repository and pushed the chromium using .gitignore to avoid unwanted libraries while generating build. Then again i cloned and try to build using the mentioned steps I am getting error. Please help me to fix this

Since I made code changes I cant get fresh checkout from google

Step 1:git clone

Step 2: example export PATH=”$PATH:/path/to/depot_tools” – DONE

Step 3: fetch –nohooks android – DONE

Step 4: gclient sync DONE

Step 5: build/ DONE

Step 6: gclient runhooks

Step 7 : gn args out/Default FAILED below error

ERROR Can't find source root.
I could not find a ".gn" file in the current directory or any parent,
and the --root command-line argument was not specified.

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