Fleabag (Yungblud) – Ableton Live Remake Template


Get maximum inspiration and remix possibility with this quality re-recording cover of Fleabag (Yungblud).

The project files include the Acapella re-recorded by a professional singer, split into lead and backing vocals, along with all the MIDI part for all instruments. All sounds are from Ableton Live Native Plugins. So you can either edit / re-arrange the high quality audio or insert your own instruments to the Midi parts and create a remix of your own in minutes! Additionally you can use the acapella in your own DJ Mixes, bootlegs, mashups and Live performances!

This project is meant as an educational tool and all of the publishing and copyrights are owned by the original author.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! Ableton Live 10.1.14 Suite is required for this template!

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