elasticsearch – Integration dashboard charts missing temporal units in axis labels


In the New Relic integration dashboard created for this integration, the charts for “Time Spent Indexing Documents by Node ” and “Time Spent Deleting Documents by Node” are missing units in the Y-axis labels.

Expected Behavior

As a user I expect to see units in the chart labels so that I can understand what the charts are telling me.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Install nri-elasticsearch integration.
  2. Visit the dashboard in New Relic > Third Party Services > Elasticsearch.
  3. Note that the two time-based charts do not show units (the unit seems to be milliseconds in both cases, as seen in github.com/newrelic/nri-elasticsearch/blob/master/spec.csv#L49).

Your Environment

  • nri-elasticsearch 4.5.1
  • newrelic-infra 1.20.7

Additional context

SC 23209

Read more here: Source link