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Ploki wrote:

Fri Nov 19, 2021 7:17 pm

I tried to demo shade again after your previous comment but i couldn’t (for some reason they don’t mail me the download links), but afaik you can’t have that many flavours of LPF in shade (10 or what).

Yup, that boat load of LPF filter flavours and the ability to drive all of them might be the biggest selling point for me. Plus the different routing options.

I still love Shade though… it’s really just as complex as you want it to be, you can easily use it as a bread and butter EQ, the controls are pretty similar to Pro Q (or Volcano).. double click to create filters and drag them around, mouse wheel to change shape, etc. The modulation is very intuitive but allows for tons of complexity… one of the better systems out there imo with some unique modulators.

My impression is that Shade sounds very “polished” and modern, while Volcano has a bit more grit and edge to it. So yeah, both really nice! Waiting for the FF sale to commit though.

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