How to Convert SD2/SDII/Sound Designer II to WAV?

Before anything else, here is something you should know about SD2/SDII/Sound Designer II.

SD2 or SDII is short for Sound Designer II. It is a proprietary lossless audio file format originally developed by Digidesign (Avid Audio) for its Macintosh-based recording/editing products like the Avid Pro Tools audio editor.

The SDII file is widely used for exchanging audio data between applications. It’s also a standard format for making audio CDs. However, SD2 is quite dated now. Pro Tools 10 was the last version that could open a session with SD2 files. To make your SD2 files playable on most devices, it’s best to convert SD2 to a common audio format first. Since SD2 is lossless, you are suggested to convert SD2 to WAV (also a lossless format) so you don’t lose any audio quality.

In the next part, we will provide an easy and free solution to help you convert sound designer 2 files to WAV quickly. Read on for more details.

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