darktable printing preparation – #3 by stevewnj – darktable

I need some advice for preparing photographs for printing in darktable. I’ve edited some in darktable the way I wanted them to look like. I also used a calibrated display and an icc softproof thingy from the printing company. So, I’m not looking for perfection but the printed images semed too lifeless. There was a lack of saturation and contrast. So, what I was planning to do was just to push these two values and propably this will make the trick but I wanted to ask here first if anybody has some experienc, best practice, advice. Or for example a hint on how to look at what histogram to make some estimations for the result of the print. So any advice ist very appreciated.

can’t stress this enough. Darktable is a great piece of software. thanks to all making this possible.

Thanks in advance : )

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