Confusions about data availability in the Hasura console’s monitoring page

Version Information

Server Version: v2.10.1-cloud.3



What is the current behaviour?

As a Cloud free tier or standard tier user, my logs are retained for only 24 hours (in the console; I do have the option of using an APM integration for a custom retention period). When using the Overview section of the Monitoring tab, there are dropdown options that allow choosing 7, 14 and 30 days worth of data, but there’s obviously no data to be shown, leading to fear/confusion about something being off with my API:

What is the expected behaviour?

The dropdown should make it clear that these options are available in higher tiers and somehow also let me know that an APM integration is also an option to solve this issue.

How to reproduce the issue?

Head to and click on the 2nd dropdown.

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