[audio] SIGSEGV Segmentation fault with pipewire / pulseaudio / wireplumber

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Issue description

After initial boot, a raylib process calling InitAudioDevice results in a segmentation fault.

This is similar to github.com/raysan5/raylib/issues/2315 in that it only occurs if the audio device has not been used yet. After the crash, if I run the same raylib process again, the crash does not reoccur.


Arch Linux (5.19.4)


I’ve reproduced this with a debug build and found the issue seems to be a null pointer dereference at miniaudio.h:28175

*pInfoOut = *pInfo;

The backtrace shows:

0x00005555555e2f43 in ma_device_sink_info_callback (pPulseContext=0x5555562ab840, pInfo=0x0, endOfList=-1, pUserData=0x7fffffffd7b0) at …miniaudio.h:28175

And the prior frame has no source as it is in libpulse.so.

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