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Something I noticed that might be useful.

Background: I sequence mostly with audio clips, in electronic genres like DnB etc. So a lot of duplicating clips. Waveform and it’s Auto-Pitch/Tempo has bugged me for a while, as it leads to inconsistent playback on my system. Eg: I might sometimes want every kick/snare/whatever to have exactly the same peak level and then clip an exact db value off the transient. Sometimes I notice that the exact same kick duplicated is peaking all over the place, some are clipping, some aren’t even reaching the clipper threshold. And they can sound audibly different.

So I had this problem again yesterday and noticed that some of the kick clips had Auto-Pitch enabled and some didn’t, so I went through and disabled Auto-Pitch on every clip individually.

I also happened to have resource monitor open at the time and this project was hogging loads of ram, but as I disabled Auto-Pitch on each clip it dropped right back to a normal level.

So I did it in a new project to test, one hi-hat with Auto-Pitch/Auto-Tempo (and therefore a stretching algorithm applied) and the ‘Use Proxy File’ option NOT enabled, and the same hi-hat with all that stuff turned off. I duplicated the hi-hat clips out, 4 to the bar, 160 bars. The Auto-Pitch clip started loading the ram as I copied it, like gigabytes of ram. The other ‘natural’ clip didn’t.

So I guess the playback inconsistencies I have noticed is a ram issue, as it appears each Auto-Pitched clip might be loading as a separate ‘object’ (don’t know the correct language for that) into ram, and then in a busy project that causes playback issues?

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