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I am demoing it right now and to me it’s one of the best vintage analog emus all around in my humble opinion (Most recent version..V3).

I tried many recent synths including the new AAS modular (AAS one is really quite crisp and definitely very HQ but only monophonic. Moog is poly and truly vintage).

Is it exactly like the real deal? Probably quite close actually but not 100% obviously but its very musical.

I haven’t been able to make a mistake that would pierce my ear. Everything sounds quite leveled and well balanced. The resonances, the extreme modulations etc all sound very good. I can’t find another synth that can do all this at this level.

I suspect it is actually more useful as a musical tool compared to the real deal.
Polyphonic, easy access to ins/out via right click etc.

The sound IS there I mean the essence of the synth is for sure.
Every modulation sounds pretty good even the extreme ones. OK there might be a few “limitations” but I have not found them.

Compared to most other vintage emus it deserves more recognition imo unless the producers that use it keep it under wraps…

Maybe I will change my mind over the next few days but right now I am liking it a lot.

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