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“I started to question the sanity of people who claimed that functional harmony – as well as representing pitches on the staff – can be thought of as any kind of universal basis for understanding music”

Strawman much?

I don’t know why I’m quoted there, you have in no way addressed the point.
It looks like plain English to me, people figuring to write music yet haven’t done any music sure looks like what this is, as so many of these threads are.
I can fill in why I think people do it, because the fact of computers and ‘helper’ softwares fosters an impression it’s dead easy to.

So question #1 is ‘what have your observations of music that’s already happened tell you about chords to melody’.
People that think to write short stories, or novels, will have read quite a lot, I would guess.

To reiterate my own experience, I had several things under my belt, arranging and performing before I took formal theory at a community college.
If I’d had a piano at home I’ll have taken the jazz reharmonization course. In my years here I have been really clear about the whole horses for courses thing so it doesn’t make any sense to launch into this verbose exchange with your strawman off of a remark of mine.

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