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dblock wrote:

Fri Nov 12, 2021 3:48 pm

NinjaToon wrote:

Thu Nov 11, 2021 7:28 pm

Low cpu? Zero Latency?

Pro c 2
Psp Twin L/old timer/fetpressor
Sonimus Tuco
Empirical Labs Arouser
Fuse VCL-4

Everyone is just gonna list every compressor ever made. You should probably specify your needs.

Yeah. too broad. I’m not going down that endless rabbit hole of a gazillion compressor posts. I’m out.

“Bread and Butter” could mean “I don’t wanna think about the settings” or it could mean “the thing I reach for every time no matter the source”, so yeah that could mean any compressor depending on the individual.

OP did add low cpu as a requirement tho.

I would ask myself “Is it low cpu, low/zero latency, is it easy to dial in and is it flexible enough to get you in the ball park quickly on almost anything?”. So that’s what I listed, for me anyway.

So much stuff out there that it is a minefield and there is a huge burden of knowledge on people, veterans probably forget that.

More important question is “do I know how to use a compressor?”. Learning how to use a compressor effectively takes years, so picking a versatile product to stick with is a good strategy.

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