Focusrite Collective : FAST COMP, EQ, REVERB, REVEAL – Page 2 – Effects Forum

Smapti wrote:

Fri Oct 22, 2021 5:10 pm

I have these as well as the Sonible plugins. Smart:Comp roughly covers the same ground as Fast Comp and Fast Reveal. Fast EQ is kinda like Smart:EQ but they don’t overlap as much. I use these, as well as the Sonible plugins, all the time.

The Focusrite plugins are geared towards getting good results quickly whereas the Sonible plugs are deeper and more complex. If you don’t have any of these I’d say that Fast Reveal and Smart:EQ are the two must-haves.

I too think the Sonible are deeper. However I downloaded the FAST demos to check them against my Sonibles, and when I run both plugins on the same source I find the FAST give me a different and preferred result, particularly the EQ. Do you notice that at all, and do you have any preference for the FAST over the Sonible ones or vice versa or when you choose one over the other?

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