Can’t make Synth1 find its presets – please someone help! – Instruments Forum

Dear Anyone.

I’ve got Synth1 in my VST folder, where its soundbanks 0 through 9 also are, each one in its own folder as directed. But Synth1 isn’t finding them, all its patches are saying INITIAL SOUND. I can’t find a way to navigate it to where its folders are. It’s got 2 choices, INTERNAL, which comes up as a blank white translucent screen, and EXTERNAL, which wants zip files. I’ve tried drag’n’drop but it won’t let you do that.

Please, how do I make Synth1 find its presets? The instructions said put the preset folders in the same folder as the VST, well I have done that. How do I rub the synth’s nose in the folders so it knows where its presets are?

Yours puzzledly


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