Beautiful Noises by 8DIO Productions

All Sound is Music

We sometimes get stuck in the rules of what is music and what is not.

Beautiful Noises embraces the sound of life. It contains over 1700 deep soundscapes recorded in 25 different countries. From the radioactive zone in Ukraine to native Voodoo rituals in Haiti. From exotic animals in the Amazon Rainforest to distant thunder in the French countryside.

Beautiful Noises is all about large ambient soundscapes turned into instruments. All beautifully recorded with some of the best analog field equipment in the world and with no further noise reduction. This is the way our beautiful world sounds. Whether nature itself. The animals. The oceans and forests. Our man-made reality in all its sonic glory. Whether it be humans or mechanical sounds.

Beautiful Noises is made from natural recordings from Amazon Forest, Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, France, Haiti Kinhasa, Mali, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal, Pragua, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, US and Venezuela.

All the recordings are long and evolving (1-2 min) soundscapes of the real world. But in Soundpaint they become bubbling musical sensations. Sometimes textural. Sometimes rich on emotion. A lonely 1928 Grand Piano with the calming symphony of a thousand baby frogs.


  • Beautiful. Noises of the World.
  • Beautiful Noises Types: 14.22GB.
  • Beautiful Noises Pr Country: 33.64GB.
  • Soundpaint Engine (Free).
  • VST, AU and Standalone.

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