1975 Soul Guitar by 8DIO Productions

Soft. Soulful. Guitar.

The uniquely looking Gibson 1975 has a gorgeous soft quality to it. One of the most soulful vibes on soft velocities, but as you gradually play it harder the Soundpaint Engine generates more dynamic velocities, so you can truly express over the entire range of the real instrument.

A big part of the 1975 Gibson Jazz Guitar is the neck pickup design by Bill Lawrance. The pickups are known as Tarbacks (aka Super Humberkers. They get the “Tarback” nickname due to the black epoxy the pickups where encased in which looks like tar. The interesting thing is that the epoxy encasing was an early attempt to lessen microphonic feedback in humbucking pickups.

The 1975 bridge pickup has a higher “K output reading”, which makes it slightly hotter and help amps breakup earlier.).

Tarbacks are best described as very warm with a fairly modern sound due to ceramic magnets. Their tone is also a bit woody with nice midrange clarity that is versatile in almost any genre adding a bit of saturation and warmth in tone.

The mahogany body of the SG generates a warm resonance. Gibsons of that era also have the unique “harmonica” bridge The SG originally came out in ’61 to replace the fabled Gibson Les Paul.

They where even called “Les Pauls” until Les himself objected to it as he hated the look and feel of the guitar. Hence the name change to SG or solid-body guitar.

The 1970s added lots of different tonics to the guitars including the valute on the back of the headstock to try to improve strength as Gibsons were prone to break at the arch behind the nut with so little wood and a truss rod.

Pickups like the original Gibson PAF (patent applied for) pickups of 58-60 (the holy grail) where made with uneven windings (unintentionally) and alnico magnets.

The electronics in that SG are semi-stock. One original ceramic capacitor in tact, and a paper in oil capacitor used on the other. Can’t remember my wiring for which one without opening the back control cavity.


  • Realistic Electric Guitar.
  • 1.870 Real-Time Samples / 982MB.
  • Soundpaint Engine (Free).
  • VST, AU and Standalone.

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