xfce – “Desktop Settings” isn’t available in Arch-Linux Xfce4’s Settings Manager. How can I add/install it?


The above images are captured on my system running Linux Mint and Arch Linux respectively.

The main reason I want to do this is to change every window buttons (shade, hide, max. and min.) to the same theme.

In the Linux Mint Xfce4 Settings-Manager, the “Desktop Settings” settings is available, but in the Arch Linux Xfce4 Settings-Manager, it isn’t.

I want the “Desktop Settings” settings, using which I can change my windows-manager to either ‘Metacity+Compositing’ or only ‘Metacity’, because the theme I select in “Appearence” settings doesn’t gets applied to apps like Thunar or XFCE Terminal if I use the default xfwm4 theme, which makes the gui inconsistent (As a temporary fix, I’ve to look for matching xfwm4 themes online).

But when I use ‘Metacity’ or ‘Metacity+Compositing’, all the windows, irrespective of being GTK or QT, uses the same theme, configured in the “Appearence” settings.

Also: I’ve installed Metacity using Pacman, but couldn’t find it listed under the startup applications in “Session and Startup” settings.

The theme i want to apply is the in-built Adwaita-GTK(2,3) theme, but I couldn’t find any similar matching xfwm4 theme.

So, is there any way to apply ‘Metacity’ or ‘Metacity+Compositing’ with or without the “Desktop Settings” settings.

My System Specifications (if required):

  • CPU: Intel Pentium G2030
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics (rare edition, doesn’t has any number like HD 4000 or 2000 or like that)
  • RAM: 2GB DDR3 1600Mhz Single Channel – GPU: None
  • Hard-Disk: WD Green 500GB 7200RPM HDD

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