Willo dives into the depths of her thumping new track ‘Past Time’


“The drums were really fun to program. Basically just your standard house drums, 909s, 16th hats, rides, 909 claps, but I also sampled the famous Think drum break. The break added so much energy to the track.

I reversed it in some places and chopped it up to add variation throughout the song. I glued all the drums together with some saturation, reverb and compression.”


“Background noise really glued the old, sampled elements (breaks and piano) together with the more polished elements, like the synths, and is just essential to bringing the track to life. I found a sample online – I literally searched “people talking in a cafe” on freesound.org. It also complements the voicemail vocal.

I got rid of all the low end with an EQ letting the high end sit over top of the mix so it’s nice and subtle.”

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