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maxym.srpl wrote:

Wed Feb 09, 2022 4:51 pm

Sorry for jumping into discussion. And second sorry for maybe naive question. But I really missing some logic (or likely have lacks in knowledge).

In this discussion I spot several mentions that single sinus osc, single voice, without filters generates different sound character (warmth) depending on synthesizer.
And nobody questioned that.

Shouldn’t be expected that unprocessed sinus wave result in the same sinus wave? Thus all synths should sound the same as long as it’s unprocessed wave? Otherwise there must be some processing going on.

with regards

not claiming to know, but at a guess, the architecture of the synth, will add some minor changes, ie depending on whether the drive is before or after the filter, and how many “stages” between oscillator and output
even switched to off, i imagine chaining adds some interactions?

as well as how the synth is coded, but i don’t understand any of that, there was mention a few weeks back somewhere about blets and bleps i think it was, different methods of coding the same things?

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