Whats in the future of Grid? – Bitwig Forum

There is a few, whats next? posts here in the forum.

To me it seems like grid is still in the early stages.
And needs to be developed further for even more.

So this leaves a few questions to be answered about the grid..
– what tooling/programming does bitwig use for creating the modules?
– will this tooling be opened up to 3rd party or even to users, or will it even be made open source?
– what tools, features, modules are allready planned for bitwig?

I love the whole grid, small modules with unique functions..
But that approach also makes containers almost a requirement..

for me the things i am really missing right now is,some more adanced oscilators, like a wavetable oscilator and many many unique oscialtors we know from eurorack. Same goes for the filters and shapers sections..

There is a lot of promise in the grid, i hope they can deliver much more of this in the future..

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