What format for Azure Adx DataConnection do i need to MQTT app?

Following this guide: github.com/Azure-Samples/IoTMQTTSample/tree/master/src/Windows
I send events to IoT Hub, i can monitor the events comming in to the IoT hub.

I created an Adx-table and a Data-Connection in Azure,where i can see the events are beeing “processed”:

Events processed

Creating the Data Connection i followed this guide: learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/data-explorer/ingest-data-iot-hub, and choosing JSON as the format. But the data does not show up in the actual adx-table.

What format am i actually sending using the MQTT-to-IoT-Hub-example?

And what format would the Data-Map have?
I tried this where ouput of event monitor is used as column names;

.create table TestTable ingestion json mapping 'TestMapping' '[{"column":"origin","path":"$.origin","datatype":"string"},{"column":"payload","path":"$.payload","datatype":"string"}]'

New Picture

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