Wagon – Download Free 3D model by Kade.Wolfe [65e5152]

It is a horse drawn wagon with a freight wagon hitched to the back. The wagon wheels are made of iron and are nearly 6 feet high to make it easier to clear small obstacles, low brush, stumps and ruts in the road. The rims are very broad to prevent the wheels from sinking into mud.

Both wagons are covered with a wooden roof that looks like an upturned flat bottomed boat. The sides of the roofs are angled to channel rainwater away from the wagon. Studded along the rim of the roofs are various iron rings and hooks that can be used to secure items during travel. On the top of each roof is a 10 foot ladder secured with four simple wooden latches to keep it in place when not in use

Note: Crates, chests, and barrels originally from Ertugrul Oral. sketchfab.com/3d-models/lowpoly-crates-b3d9d3170f4349059fcce816974932c9

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