Vue cli in main The CSS of bootstrap is introduced into JS and why is the table style not fully displayed in JS?

1. The project built with Vue cli runs with NPM run dev without error, the page displays normally, and some styles of bootstrap are also normal, such as button style and table style The style of table is easy to use, that is, TD and th in it There is no table striped style.
2. Code introduction is like this**
3. The effect is like this
4. I encountered this problem before, and then I didn’t need bootstrap. We can’t solve it now. Please ask the great God to solve it. It’s best to write in detail. Thank you.,There is a tbody label when writing the form. Just fill it in,Has your problem been solved? I also encountered this problem. Do I see that others have it because they load a table less,I also encountered this problem. How did you solve it

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