VST3 support – MUTOOLS Forum

boomt wrote:

Wed Oct 27, 2021 12:40 pm

From what I’ve seen published publicly from @mutools in relation to Mulab 9, he has not mentioned VST3, and have a feeling it might not be in the initial release or be part of MuLab 9 lifecycle. Hopefully @mutools can clarify on this, and I hope it is in the near future also.

I really hope your wrong so many, “small developer” plugins are vst3 only now and I’m finding it a pain having to put them in a wrapper before I can use them, loses a bit of spontaneity (specially with instruments). Yes, I agree with you martinbuntu re cliplauncher, but Mulab is my favorite host (I have a few) so I’ll go along with what Joe decides (but thought I’d bring it up and make sure it doesn’t get forgotten).

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