VST3 parameters alway respond to channel 1 – MeldaProduction Forum

Forgive if this is a duplicate, but I couldn’t find the answer (or didn’t look good enough).

My VST3 issue (MEqualizer, MVibrato): Using Midi settings -> controllers, I add a controller that controls Param 2. I hit the learn button, send a CC message from my keyboard, it learns it, all is well. Except for the MIDI channel. It doesn’t matter whether I send the message on channel 1, 2, 3 … 16, it is always mapped to channel 1. And it also responds to this message on any channel.

I tested the same thing with the VST2 version of the same plugins: These do filter the intended messages on the intended channels (at least the way I expected).

I don’t know if it’s a bug, a feature or a ‘nicessity’ of Steinberg’s VST3 implementation.

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