VS code creates a Vue project Method 1: create+project

Table of Contents

​​​​1. Configuration environment: node.js

2. Install vscode

3. Install and configure scaffolding vue-cli

Startup Project

ReferenceVue development environment installation_Siobhan. Mingxin’s blog-CSDN blog

Check whether node.js is successfully installed: Open cmd, enter ndoe -v and npm -v If the version information is displayed, the installation is successful.

under cmd:

1. cnpm install vue -g

2. cnpm i @vue/cli -g

~~~~~~~~~~~~ CMD

Under Vs code:

Now successfully created

Start Project

(1) Open the package.json in the project, execute the command npm run dev in start in the vscode terminal, and the access address will appear after the startup is successful

2) According to the prompt, visit localhost:8080, you will get access toThe following interface.So far, the creation of Vue.js project by VS Code has been completed.

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