Visual Studio Code setup for PSoC5 with PSoC Creat…

For the ones interested, I created a Visual Studio Code setup for PSoC5.


The setup makes use of PSoC Creator which is needed for the (one time) configuration of the schematic / system / UDB part (and needs Windows to run of course). Once the configuration is done, coding and debugging can be done with Visual Studio Code (which can run on the platform of your choice). The advantage as well is that the PSoC Creator is ’embedded’. Changing the schematic / system / UDB part can be done in the ’embedded PSoC Creator project’ without having to export / copy the project.


The result is a very fast, transparent, smooth and stable IDE for use with PSoC5.

When there’s enough interest I can provide PSoC3 and PSoC4 setups as well.

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