Visual Studio Available Fonts – Microsoft Q&A

While trying to use a particular font in a WPF / VB app I found that when listing available fonts for selection in the properties of a control VS doesn’t simply list the fonts that are loaded on the computer. For example, when setting the Text property of a list box:

Initially, the font I needed wasn’t showing in the list, even though it was loaded and shows in most (probably all) other apps on the computer. Apparently this was because the font was loaded as a shortcut, because when I removed it and loaded it again, NOT as a shortcut, it showed.

I also noticed that VS is showing other fonts that are NOT even loaded on the computer, and therefore, not seen by any other apps on the computer. :-/

Does anyone know why the heck VS doesn’t just read the fonts available on the computer and/or where/how VS gets the fonts it displays for selection in the properties menus?

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