uwp – Connecting to AWS MQTT with .NET

Had this same problem and never did find an official AWS published C# SDK for Iot Core, though you can communicate with AWS Iot Core using MQTTnet.

Here is a snippet on how to connect:

var pfxCert = new X509Certificate2(X509Certificate2.CreateFromPemFile(pemCert,pemPrivKey).Export(X509ContentType.Pfx));
var factory = new MqttFactory();
var mqttClient = factory.CreateMqttClient();
var options = new MqttClientOptionsBuilder()
        .WithTcpServer(endpoint, 8883)
        .WithTls(new MqttClientOptionsBuilderTlsParameters
            UseTls = true,
            SslProtocol = System.Security.Authentication.SslProtocols.Tls12,
            IgnoreCertificateRevocationErrors = true,
            IgnoreCertificateChainErrors = true,
            AllowUntrustedCertificates = true,
            Certificates = new List<X509Certificate>

await mqttClient.ConnectAsync(options, CancellationToken.None);

To send a message:

var message = new MqttApplicationMessageBuilder()

var result = await _mqttClient.PublishAsync(message, CancellationToken.None);

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