How to configure static code analysis in visual studio 2017

If you want to do something and you don’t know how, then step one (or even step 0) is simple: try google.

A trivial search using most of your subject as the search term gave 52,000,000 hits: configure Static Code Analysis in Visual Studio 2017 – Google Search[^]

The top hit from that is the Microsoft documentation: Configure Code Analysis – Visual Studio (Windows) | Microsoft Docs[^]

The second of them is again, MS documentation: How to run code analysis manually for .NET – Visual Studio (Windows) | Microsoft Docs[^]

Then you have user perspectives:

“Using Code Analysis with Visual Studio 2019 to Improve Code Quality | Azure DevOps Hands-on-Labs”

“Setting up Code Analysis in Visual Studio 2017 projects”

And so on for 52,000,000 articles on the subject.

Doing that means you get an answer quickly: you don’t have to wait over two hours for somebody else who knows how to use a search engine to do it for you!

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