Bitwarden (Android) / LineageOS – no Biometric login possible? – Help

Dear all,
I’m running the latest Docker-Version of Bitwarden, and I think this is not related to Vaultwarden, but maybe someone is experience in that problem.
I’m using varios mobiles Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (both with Bitwarden from Appstore). I’m also using a LG v40 ThinQ for testing purposes.
In that case, I installled LineageOS. So far so good…
I installed the latest (2.14.1) Bitwarden-Mobile-App, but I’m not able to unlock BW via Biometrics. I don’t have the option to activate that. I can unlock my smartphone, but not Bitwarden.
Actually I don’t have Gapps installed. Is this related, maybe??
Thanks for an information.

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