Virtualbox Guest additions on Rocky or Alma Linux 9.2

I’ve been trying to install Virtualbox Guest Additions in VMs of both Rocky Linux or Alma Linux version 9.2, (virtualbox version 7.0.8). After running the install script, it states that it ‘cannot verify if kernel modules and services were reloaded’.

It appears that the modules are being built, as the vboxguest.ko, vboxsf.ko, and vboxvideo.ko kernel objects are in the /lib/modules/<kernel version>/misc directory.

If I manually run modprobe on any of those, I get an error such as:

modprobe: ERROR: could not insert ‘vboxguest’: Exec format error.

From what I’ve seen, that error is typically a result of running a module built against a different kernel version than the one running, but I have verified that the kernel version in the vboxadd-setup.log.1 matches uname -r.

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